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We at Kripadhara are dedicated to revive the long lost Vedic ways of extracting pure oil, as this method is vital to retain the benefits stored within  natural oils. The traditional way of oil extraction in a kolhu driven by bulls, is replicated by wood pressing oil machines, to produce the same non toxic, cold pressed, extra virgin quality of oil. This means that the oil is untouched by the ill-effects of modern methods that use chemicals, destroying the minerals and vitamins within the seeds, that make it beneficial.

In this wood pressing method the yield of oil is quite less, only about 30 to 35 percent of the seed, but no beneficial ingredient of the oil is destroyed by this process, which involves rotation at very slow speed, so that the temperature does not rise beyond 49 degree Celsius at any point. This helps retain the healthy anti-oxidants and minerals that get destroyed in the high heat methods. Extraction at higher temperature than this, makes the oil toxic and ineffective. 

We filter our oils by the traditional way of overnight gravitational sedimentation. Not by chemicals, that destroy the essential nutrients from the oil.


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All our products are certified by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

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