Cancellation and refund

1. Returns of products are only possible if you can prove any adulteration in any of our products. If you cannot prove adulteration through any adulteration lab reports, there will be no refund.

2. If by any chance you refuse to receive the product before 12 working days (12 days are counted once the order is shipped) or if the parcel gets returned to Origin due to the wrong address or your unavailability or due to your wrong phone number, 10% amount will be deducted and money will be refunded as soon as the courier company initiates RTO.

3. If you enter a wrong phone number, there is nothing we can do after the product is shipped. There is a very high chance that you won’t get your parcel if you enter the wrong phone number. If the parcel gets delivered to the wrong person due to your wrong number, the refund might take 15 days. The refund will be initiated after deducting 20% amount.

4. Cancellation can only be done before product dispatch. After the product is dispatched and you wish to Cancel, then 10% money will be deducted and the order will be cancelled.

5. We don’t Refund/Replace only on the basis that there is less smell or there is less taste in products. We do respect everyone’s sense of smell and taste. However, If you still want a Refund/Replace you have to follow these steps.

a.) Repack the oil or any other products in the same way it was delivered to you in bubble wrap and put it back inside the box and fill the sides with papers so that the bottle doesn’t break in transit, Click the pics of the inside box and outside box after taping and send both pics at 9315975030 and

b.) The customer care at 9315975030 will send you the quote of Return shipping which is 10% of your order amount. Pay that shipping cost and we will arrange pickup.

c.) After we get the bottle back, we will initiate a refund/replacement. If the bottle breaks due to loose packing, No refund will be initiated.

5. Refund/Replacement will be initiated in 3-5 working days after your confirmation.

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