Training for Oil Ghani Industry

Learn the Authentic Process to Make Wood Pressed Oils

Welcome to Kripadhara, your destination for the best-in-class training program on the Oil Ghani Industry. Our systematic approach ensures you can start your edible oil business effectively and produce healthy and digestible oils.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to reviving the long-lost Vedic methods of extracting pure, healthy oils using traditional wood pressing techniques. Our oils are versatile, suitable for cooking, body massage, skincare, medicinal use, and more. Our mission is to make people healthier and free from adulteration.

Why Cold Pressed Oil Business?


Competitive Advantage

Utilizing traditional Vedic processes, our cold-pressed oils provide exceptional health benefits and freshness.


Market Conditions

India imports over 70% of its oil demand. This industry offers a significant opportunity for domestic production.


Investment and ROI

Small-scale businesses require minimal land, labor, and investment with a payback period of less than a year.


Growth Possibilities

Oils are essential daily items with global demand, especially Indian oils like sesame.

Why Training?

Due to the limited availability of authentic resources, our training covers the nuanced details required for the extraction of genuine cold-pressed oils. This includes seed selection, storage, extraction processes, and demystifying myths about oils. Our training ensures long-term success and stability in the oil business.


Training Programs

Interactive Training

Interactive Training

Duration: 1 hour Cost: ₹2360 (including GST)

Topics Covered:

  • Overview of the Oil Industry in India
  • Your objectives and goals
  • Introduction to Cold Pressed Oil and its differences from refined oils

Basic Training

Duration: 1 day (11 AM - 4 PM) Cost: ₹9440 (including GST)


Topics Covered:

  • Different types of machines
  • Various oils and their uses
  • Additional business opportunities in oil manufacturing
Basic Training

Advanced Training

Duration: 3 days (11 AM - 4 PM) Cost: ₹23600 (including GST)


Topics Covered:

  • Machine selection
  • Raw material and packaging selection
  • Detailed extraction process with hands-on training
  • Profit and cost analysis
  • Government licenses and brand registration
  • One year of hand-holding support

Registration Details

  • Booking: 100% advance required, book in advance for suitable time slots.
  • Inclusions: Lunch, writing pad, and pen provided.
  • Exclusions: Staying and lodging are not included.
  • Legal: Disputes resolved in Greater Noida.

Business Information

Company: Ultimate Solution
: 09AKEPC4070C1Z0
IEC Code: AKEPC4070C
Udyam Registration No: UDYAM-UP-28-0007130

Bank Details

Account Name: Ultimate Solution

Bank Name: State Bank Of India

Account Number: 40395206809

IFSC Code: SBIN0011475

Branch Name: Alpha -1, Greater Noida

Payments can also be made via UPI/Paytm/Gpay on 93159-75030

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