Mustard Oil Benefits

Mustard oil has been used for centuries as a food accompaniment and natural cure for many diseases. It is a common diet staple in countries like India and Bangladesh. Mustard oil has a unique and rather pungent taste, a common characteristic of all plants in the mustard family, including turnip, cauliflower, cabbage, radish, etc. 

Mustard oil nutrition contains about:

60 % monounsaturated fatty acids (42 %erucic acid and 12 % oleic acid)
21 % polyunsaturated fat (6 % omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid and 15 % omega-6 linoleic acid)
12 % saturated fat

Mustard oil is considered to be an oil that has low saturated fat compared to other cooking oils. Its fatty acid composition makes it a source of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9.

Health Benefits of Kripadhara Cold Pressed Mustard Oil –

1. Boosts Cardiac Health – The oil is rich in monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, both of which help lower bad cholesterol and raise good HDL cholesterol.

2. Helps fight bacterial and fungal infections – Internally, it can fight bacterial infections in the colon, intestines, and other parts of the digestive tract. Externally, it may be able to treat both bacterial and fungal infections when applied directly to the skin.

3. Advances the Skin health – Mustard oil is often applied externally, especially during massages. The oil is a rich source of vitamin E, which helps improve skin health. It can help protect the skin against free radical damage from ultraviolet rays and pollution.

4. Enhances Hair Health – Because mustard oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, it may help your hair grow and become healthier. The foods we eat help nourish our bodies, and the hair and skin get to benefit too.

5. Treats Gum Disease – Massaging the teeth with salt in mustard oil on a regular basis has been shown to treat gum diseases.

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