Natural Black Sesame Seeds (500 gm)

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We process natural black sesame seeds which are 99.9% pure, cleaned, sortexed, unhulled, satvik, lab-certified, and moisture controlled. It is packed in air-tight glass jars to preserve taste, aroma, nutrients and for longer shelf life. It is available in 500 gm glass jar.


Uses & Benefits :

  • Can be used for sprinkling onto salads, vegetables, rice dishes, bakery products, and in making sweets.
  • The best source of Calcium on Earth.
  • One of the oldest crops grown in our tradition.
  • Decreases the rate of oxidation in our body.
  • Rich source of trace minerals like Iron, Copper, and Manganese vital for cell functioning and the immune system.
  • Significantly improves blood pressure (decreases systolic blood pressure)
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