Ultra Virgin 100% Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil


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At Kripadhara we stand by purity and impeccable standards of cleanliness and efficacy. Our oils are 100% cold pressed & wood pressed. Our products are 100% free of any chemicals. We manufacture groundnut oil in the traditional way from cleaned, sortexed, dried, spotless, lab certified and moisture controlled groundnuts which are supplied in Vacuum pack bags. The entire process of extraction is untouched by hand and the factory is maintained with the highest standards of cleanliness. All bottles are BPA free and food grade especially tested and sourced.
It is available in 500 ml (Glass Bottle) and 1000 ml (PET Bottle) packs.

Uses & Benefits :

  •           Can be used for daily cooking, frying and deep frying.
  •           Healthy digestible oil.
  •          Cooking is quick & easy,  with less consumption of oil.
  •          Little oil absorption in food products due to high viscosity.
  •          Best suited for deep frying and daily cooking since it has high smoke point.
  •          Cooks  food with crisp coating.
  •          Its natural, unrefined, unfiltered, unadulterated & Wood pressed to retain all nutrition and vitamins.
  •         It is rich in Oleic Acid which enhances its shelf life.
  •          It reduces blood glucose level.
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1000 ml, 500 ml


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